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Sun 2021 promotions

Posted on 19 May 2021

Sun 2021 promotions

This year we have some fantastic sun promotions suitable for all your eyewear needs.

1. Complete pairs of sunspecs from £49.95, that's a prescription pair of lenses including a frame, tinted to the colour and depth of your choice from £49.95. You name it we can offer it in this range. Polarised, Bifocal, varifocal, mirrored.

2. Polarised Xperio Crizal UV lenses as a second pair for £50 single vision or £100 varifocal. These are a huge saving of up to 75% as we will match the design, thickness and specification of your first clear pair. Xperio is a premium quality polarised lens which not only eliminates glare far more than a standard tint through polarisation, but also selectively filters different colours to enhance perception for the clearest vision you will have had when wearing sunspecs.

3. Upgrade to transitions reactive lenses for £20. That's a £20 upgrade from the clear lens price.

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